Why I Shop on Amazon.com

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Written by Heather, Sarah’s Amazon Expert

By now you may have figured out that I like to shop at Amazon.com!  Sarah didn’t appoint me as the “Amazon expert” for no reason.  While I don’t know everything about Amazon.com and I certainly don’t do all of my shopping through Amazon.com, I do use it quite a bit and here’s why…….

*Prices – When it comes to prices, Amazon.com is competitive!  It will match (and often lower) prices of its competitors (i.e. Target, Walmart).  While some prices do fluctuate and you have to catch it at the right time to get the best deal, other items are priced consistently low.  And because of these low prices, there are several items that I only buy on Amazon.com!

*Convenience –  It’s shipped right to my house!  How much more convenient can you get!

*Variety – Seriously, they have just about anything you could ever want!  I can buy a birthday present, a jar of peanut butter, and a new foot stool all at the same time….from home in my pajamas!

*Subscribe & Save – I use this feature ALL THE TIME!  It gives me an extra 5% off + FREE shipping!

*FREE Shipping Options – I don’t know about you but I refuse to pay shipping when I shop online.  For Amazon Prime Members, shipping is FREE on most items.  If you don’t have Amazon Prime, many items qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping so orders $25 or more are shipped for FREE.  And, come on, how hard is it to get to $25 on Amazon.com?

*Great Customer Service – Although I have not had to use Amazon.com’s customer service often, every time I have, I’ve had excellent service.

Why do you shop on Amazon.com?



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