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Michigan Store Policies 101
Founded in 1962, Walmart currently operates over 9100 stores in 15 countries. They are based in Bentonville, Arkansas. They became a public company in 1972 and have only grown since then. They currently employ over 2.1 million people.

See if there is a Walmart location near you.

Coupon Acceptance: (Per the Walmart Coupon Policy)

Walmart accepts internet coupons that are legible, say Manufacturer Coupon, have a valid remit to address, have a valid expiration date, have a scannable bar code or are for BOGO if they have a specified price on them. They will accept internet printable coupons in black and white or color. You may NOT photocopy coupons (this is true at ALL times, not just Walmart). Walmart does NOT accept free item coupons printed from the internet.

They also accept other manufacturer coupons. These may be for dollar/cents off, free items (IF they do NOT come from the internet) or BOGO. They must have a valid remit to address, valid expiration date, scannable bar code. They may NOT be copied.

Walmart does accept competitor coupons that follow certain guidelines. They must be for a specific item (brand and size) and have a specific price $X.XX NOT % off. BOGO competitor coupons with a specific price are allowed. They must have a valid expiration date and may be in black and white. That means you can print competitor internet coupons for use at Walmart as long as they meet all the other conditions!

They also accept “checkout” or “catalina” coupons from other retails that meet certain guidelines. They must be printed at a competitors’ registers for dollar/cents off on a specific item, must say manufacturer coupon with specific brand/size, must have a valid remit to address, must have a valid expiration date, must have a scannable bar code, and may be in black and white (though most won’t be). They can not be photocopied.

Walmart only accepts coupons for merchandise that they sell. You must present the coupon at the time of purchase and they will only allow one coupon per item(s) purchased per coupon requirements. There is no limit to the number of coupons used per transaction, but you may not exceed $50 off in coupons in one transaction. Walmart does not accept coupons with a face value over $20. Walmart does not accept competitor coupons for amounts off a total purchase ($/$$)

Walmart will give overage. That means if you are purchasing an item that sells for $1.00 and your coupon is valid for $1.25/1 off that exact brand and size, you will receive $.25 back. If you have other items in your cart, they will apply it towards your purchase. If you do not have other items, they will give it to you in cash.

Price Match Policy: (Found here)

Walmart will honor competitor ad pricing for identical items where the size and price in the ad is specified. They also honor shopper card prices under those same terms and fresh produce & meat prices when the same unit is used (lb for lb, each for each). You are not required to have the ad with you.

They DO NOT match online pricing, BOGO that does not have a dollar amount noted, % off offers, buy A get B or similar offers, gift card with purchase offers, private label/brand offers or closeout/clearance pricing.

Method of Payment: (Found here)

Walmart accepts American Express,Discover (including Walmart Discover), MasterCard, Visa, Walmart Credit, ATM/Debit/Check Cards (including: The Walmart MoneyCard, Those with a MasterCard logo on the front, Those with a Visa logo on the front) and Walmart Gift Cards and eGift Cards. Online they also accept Bill Me Later and Paypal.

Return Policy: (Found here)

Walmart accepts returns in store with receipt within 90 days for most non-electronic and non-regulated items and items are refunded in the form of payment that you used.

Walmart accepts returns with out a receipt with a limit of 3 non receipt returns in a 45 day period. Refunds will be giving in cash for values under $25 and in the form of a Walmart gift card for values over $25. purchases can be returned to a Walmart store. They must be within 90 days, have the packaging and shipping costs will only be refunded if it’s an error on Walmart’s part.

Other Need to Knows:

Training on coupons can be spotty from store to store. It’s not a bad idea to print off the coupon policy and have it ready. If the cashier still is not helpful, ask nicely to speak with a manager. If they are still unable to follow the policy, contact Walmart corporate for more assistance. Walmart has started to aggressively enforce their policies with stores who have been found to be bending them. Many readers have reported stores falling in line after complaints to corporate.

Notice something I missed? Please comment below.

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  1. Sheri Nugent-McGarvey says

    What about when you let them know before they start your order that you have coupons, give them to the cashier and then never scan your coupons and only after the transaction is done, they say oh I forgot your coupons, but there is nothing I can do know, the transaction is already done. You go to customer service immediately and they tell you the same thing. I had my receipt out ready to show them I did purchase the item I had a coupon for. They would not accept the coupons at all!!!

    • says

      If you have the coupons on hand, I would ask them to return everything and re-ring them :) I’ve done it before. If they put the coupons in the register and didn’t give them back to you, ask for them back and then do the same.

  2. Jon says

    If I purchase something at using Bill Me Later as payment, can I return in store and have my BML account credited? They told me they could only give me store credit in store, but if I ship it back they would refund my BML account. I could not find anything related to my issue within their policies. Could they refund me in cash in store?

  3. Jon says

    Okay found it. They will only refund up to $25. So sad they can’t credit Bill Me Later. :( Well, off to the post office to ship back my returns…

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