Store Policies 101: Save A Lot

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Michigan Store Policies 101
Save A Lot has over 1200 locations in the United States. You can check to see if there is a location near you. Many locations are franchises and have some differences.

Their ads and cycles vary.  They tend to run two weeks at a time. Many ads run Sunday to Saturday for two week stretches, but it does vary. Each store or group of stores decides what items they want to feature, though it appears they all choose from a core set from corporate. Because Save A Lot runs on a franchise system, sometimes several stores in an area will be owned by the same person or company and run the same ads at the same times, however other stores in the area may be owned by someone else and run something different. Each owner gets ad support and specials to pick from, but they do not have run what everyone else is running or have it at the exact same price.


Coupon Acceptance: (Per this link)

At the corporate level, Save A Lot accepts internet and manufacturer coupons. BUT many of their stores are franchises and allowed to set their own coupon policy. You are best off contacting or inquiring at your local store about their policies.

Save A Lot also offers a $5 off $25 store coupon for joining their Smart Shopper Club. When I used this coupon when I first signed up for it a couple years ago, the $25 requirement could be met BEFORE manufacturer coupons. I am unable to print the coupon again, so this may have changed, or it might be up to the individual store.

Method of Payment: (Found here)

Most Save A Lot stores accept cash, checks, food stamps and EBT/QWEST cards, and some stores accept debit and credit cards. Again, because of the franchises, this can vary.

Return Policy:

I was unable to find a specific return policy. I do know that my local store has exchanged merchandise with my receipt in the past. I expect this will vary by store as well.

Other Need to Knows:

Take your own bags or be willing to pay for them. $.05 per paper bag, $.10 per plastic. When they have them, they leave the stocking boxes at the front for you to use, but you can’t count on that. They will put your groceries into a cart and you will have to move them to the bagging area to bag yourself.

Notice something I missed? Please comment below.

Happy Shopping!



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