Store Policies 101: Menards

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Michigan Store Policies 101
Menards stores are best compared to Lowes and Home Depot, though one nice addition is the (limited) grocery section.  They have locations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Menards is a great place to find many household gadgets and tools for as low as free (after rebate).  These items make great gifts or for someone moving out on their own.

They put out an ad weekly that runs Sunday to Sunday for one to two weeks.  There are usually special holiday ads several times a year.

See Menards Deals for weekly deals.

Coupon Acceptance: (Per their Coupon Policy.)

Menards accepts competitor and manufacturer coupons (mailed & internet).  They must NOT be expired, they MUST have a scanable barcode and remit to address, must be for an item you are purchasing from Menards.  Menards does accept competitor coupons for 10% or less off.

Coupons that say not valid with other coupons or discounts will not be accepted on sale items.  Coupons do not apply to Menards 11% off low price guarantee.  They reserve the right to refuse coupons.  (Some individual stores opt to not accept internet printed coupons due to fraud issues, check with your local store for their acceptance policy.)


Free After Rebate (FAR) items at Menards once required an additional purchase to redeem the rebates, but as of 3/2011, that requirement was removed. FAR items are now FREE after rebate (less any tax you pay).

When you check out, all qualifing items will have an individual “Rebate Receipt” printed at the bottom of the slip. You then need to pick up a rebate form for each item you purchased.  Forms are located at the service desk.  Any items that are going to the same address (PO Box 28 in Elk Mound, WI) can be placed in one envelope and titled “Menards Rebates” and mailed in one submission.

Please be careful to read the rebate forms and mail by the earliest required date.  Each individual rebate form must have your name and address to be valid, however, Menards allows you to use address labels so you don’t have to hand write each form.

Once you have sent the rebate in, you can check your rebate status at Menards Rebate Center Online.

Rebates from Menards only come back in the form of a Merchandise Credit Check and they are only redeemable in store for more merchandise

Suggestion: Save your Merchandise Credit Checks to purchase the next round of rebate items.  You do not have to spend the whole amount on the check at one time.  Their computer system will tell how much money is left and the cashier will hand print the remaining amount on the check for you and hand it back to you.

Return Policy:  (See the full policy here.)

Menards will return products for full refund in the method purchased within 90 days with receipt.  Returns with a receipt after 90 days will be given in the form of store credit or Menards Card Credit.  Check purchases will be issued a credit if less than 14 days after purchase and cash if more than 14 days after purchase.

If you do not have your receipt, you may be able to locate your transaction on the in store kiosk.  If in order, you will be allowed to return for in store credit and will be required to show photo ID.

Products without the UPC attached may only be exchanged.  Items that were part of a rebate and are returned WITHOUT the rebate receipt  will have the rebate amount deducted from the return.

Menards reserves the right to refuse returns without a receipt.


Questions, comments or complaints not covered in the FAQ link above can be directed to Menards here.

Noticed something I missed?  Please comment below.

Happy Shopping!



    • says

      I’m not sure. All you should have to do is apply an address label to the rebate card and add the rebate slip and card to an envelope and mail it in. Then Menard’s rebate center will process it from there.

  1. michael burgess says

    Im a little upset i bought $3000+material at menards and exspected a $300+ rebate i just recieved $34.40 in a rebate check r

  2. Amanda says

    My rebate form says send to po box 155 but here online it says send to po box 28. How do I know which one to send it to?

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