Store Policies 101: Aldi

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Michigan Store Policies 101

Aldi has locations in Europe, Australia and the United States. They opened their first store in the United States in Iowa in 1976. They have 1400 regularly stocked items and a rotating variety of others. Find your local Aldi location.

Aldi ads run from Sunday to Saturday each week. There are also mid week special buy ads that can be viewed on their website and run Wednesday to Tuesday.

Coupon Acceptance:

Aldi does NOT accept coupons.

Method of Payment: (Found here)

Aldi accepts cash, food stamps/EBT cards, and PIN-based debit cards. They do not accept credit cards or checks.

Return Policy: (Found here)

Aldi has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It does not apply to non-food Special Buys or Alcohol. If you are unhappy with qualifying item, you get the double back guarantee. You will get your money back and your item replaced.

Other Need to Know’s:

If you want to use a cart, bring a quarter. You will insert the quarter to detach the cart from the line. Once you are done shopping, you snap it back in and get your quarter back. (This way they don’t have to pay people to corral the carts.)

Bring your own bags or be willing to pay for them. They do not give you bags for free.

You bag your own groceries. They will scan them and put them into a cart. You are responsible for moving them to a bagging area and bagging them.

Information on how to submit questions or comments about Aldi can be found here.

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  1. Julie Travis says

    Make sure you have some spare time. Typically, customers fill carts when shopping at Aldi and more times than not there is only one cashier on duty.

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