My ibotta Stats: 3 Weeks, $37.50 in Rewards, Cashed Out & Rolling

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If I haven’t said it enough just yet, let me say it again. NEW FAVORITE.

ibotta is an app for smart devices that allows you to do what are basically rebates in a matter of hours instead of 8-10 weeks. See how ibotta works.

It’s very simple to use. Sign up and install the app to your compatible device. Reports from readers say Android and iPhones, but also many tablets and iPads that have the same operating systems! Check your app store to see if it’s compatible.

Plus, with the low minimum cash out of $5.00 and the fact that it’s instant to Paypal, I’ve been rolling my ibotta rewards as fast as I earn them.

I made my first big ibotta trip to Meijer one day and was back the next day using the $9.00 I cashed out to buy more ibotta items on sale with coupons and cashed out again. And I’m sure you know what happened next. I went back the next day and did the same thing.

I have put out a total of $34.75 out of pocket total after using my rewards to pay for my purchases and earned a total off $37.50 after all the rolling.

Sign up for ibotta now!

Because of the sales last week we are stocked up on Eggos, Dove and Speed Stick for a while! There are lots of ibotta offers in the Meijer Deals this week and be sure to see the Walmart ibotta Matchup if you are heading that way… there’s a FREEBIE!

How have you done with ibotta?



  1. Linda says

    I signed up for ibotta and I earned $11.50 in rewards this weekend. My cashing out experience was different from yours though – they paid me with an e-check which will take 3-5 days to clear. Still not a bad deal but different from your experience it sounds like.

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