Join New My Coke Rewards (Beta) Program and Receive a FREE Reward (Like a $5 Domino’s Gift Card)!

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Hurry on over and sign up for the My Coke Rewards (Beta) Program.  This program is different than the My Coke Rewards site where you enter codes.  This is separate and brand new (and totally free to join)!

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After joining, you can request a FREE reward for signing up –  including a FREE $5 Domino’s gift card, a $10 gift card and more!

How to Sign Up for My Coke Rewards Beta:

  • Head over here and click Sign In/Join.
  • Then scroll to the bottom and click “Join”.
  • Then head over to the rewards page to choose your reward.

About My Coke Rewards Beta:

  • This isn’t a replacement for the My Coke Rewards site ‐ this is a brand new experience designed to meet the needs and desires of their members, focusing on their passions, social activity and unique awards.
  • We’re still in Beta, which means they’re just getting started and will keep getting better ‐ they’ll have more to do, more awards and more to offer as they grow.
  • Before you get started, you should know that it’s not about entering codes (you can still do that at In time, you will be able to do it here). You can easily login to Beta using your existing account credentials on My Coke Rewards (or any other Coke site).
  • This new experience is designed to be social, so connecting your social networks and inviting friends is encouraged. Linking your social networks increases the fun, allowing you to participate in more activities and boost your status.
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you register or login. If you’re logged-in, you can connect/disconnect your networks by clicking the “Social Networks” tab within “Profile Settings”.
  • Participating in featured challenges are surefire ways to boost your status. Even simple actions like inviting friends, tweeting and completing your profile will progress status.
  • As your status grows, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock valuable awards. The ultimate goal is to achieve Twilight status where you can access the ultimate awards. For example, you could be eligible to receive $25 towards your next meal with dining partners, $50 off your next pair of sunglasses through, a free subscription to Club Pogo, or free Coke products.
  • For confirmation that your actions have been recorded, you can check the “What you’ve been up to” section within your account profile. Additionally, you’ll notice your progress bar increase with the completion of each activity.  Please note that if you participate in an activity or Mission, you will not receive status or be eligible to for a prize unless the social media account used to participate is public.Similarly, you will not receive credit for any actions taken by others on your behalf (such as retweet of your content) unless the social media account used by the third party is public.
  • The My Coke Rewards Beta site will perform best with Internet Explorer 9 & 10, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Other browsers could affect complete enjoyment of the full My Coke Rewards Beta experience.


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