How to Change Your Zip Code on 2013

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Print Friendly has changed it up again and a lot of you are wondering how to change your zip code on Now when you try to change your zip code using the “Local” tab it doesn’t stick. You can see the local business offers, but when you go back to the “Coupons” tab it reverts back to the zip code on your account.

Here’s how to change your zip code on if and when you need to:

Step 1: Visit and look for the option to sign in or sign up. If you don’t have an account, you will have to make one. If you have an account and are already logged in, skip to Step 3.



Step 2: Click to sign in or sign up and log in or register. If you have an account and just need to log in, you will see this:



Step 3: After you are registered or signed in, you will be directed back to the coupons page and need to look back at the top right to access your account information. Click the arrow next you your name to get the menu options, select “Account Setting”.



Step 4: Change your zip code. If you are switching to a zip code that is not in the same state as your current profile, you must either selected the state that the zip code is in or you must clear it completely.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and “Submit Changes”. You do not need to opt in to any of the mailings to do this, you can just click it.

After you submit, you will be returned automatically to the coupons page and your zip code change will have stuck and you will be able to find the coupon(s) you were looking for if they are still available. Now you know how to change your zip code on!



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