How Does Jingit Work? {Earn from your computer OR smartphone}

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How Does Jingit Work
So excited to see Jingit offers back. If you haven’t downloaded Jingit yet to your smartphone or checked it out on your computer, go sign up here and it will send the app to your phone if you are doing it that way, it’s time to start earning.

How Does Jingit Work?

It’s as easy as:
Downloading the Jingit mobile app or just sign up and view from your computer – it’s FREE! • Check your phone or online to start watching a new engagements and give feedback to get paid REAL CASH in REAL TIME!

What’s the same as before?
• Check In at your local retailer- Scan certain products and give feedback to get paid again.

What’s new?
• Starting in April buy products at the listed retailer- claim your offer and scan your receipt and get paid again. REAL CASH in REAL TIME! (So it works similar to ibotta and endorse)

Cash out to your Jingit card (as far as I know that’s the only to currently get your money, but they are in transition and I’m hoping they are going to give a Paypal option like their competitors).



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