How Does ibotta Work? *New Updates 9/25/13*

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How does ibotta work?

This question is coming up a lot.  I had a short explanation in my post about earning money with your smartphone, but here’s a more detailed look at ibotta for you.

What is ibotta? (Sign Up HERE)

Ibotta is a rewards program that is part social, part survey and part rebate and runs 100% through your compatible smart device. It is available for Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod if the systems are new enough to support the app. The offers change from time to time and can vary by user. Eventually, as you complete offers you get more offers and they are tailored to your purchasing history.

Update: 2/14/13: Ibotta now works at Dollar General and Family Dollar!

Update: 2/5/13 – Make sure you do the upgrade for ibotta on your smart device. The newly updated app now has clearer expiration dates, fresh offers, new offer alerts, faster store selection and ways to earn by tweeting!

Update 5/7/13 – They recently began a new and improved program.  Now there are even more ways to earn money with bonuses and store extras!  Plus new stores are being added all the time!

Where can you earn?

Currently at over 50 retailers!  Here in Michigan that includes stores like Meijer, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and Costco!

How do you earn?

It’s very simple really. You go to the offers page and start looking around for products you will buy.

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You can scroll through the offers four at a time to find what you want. Once you find something you are interested in, tap it to open it in it’s own window. Then, you complete the various actions to unlock your rewards.

After you have unlocked the rewards you want, you go shopping at a participating store to buy the items. You can buy the items on sale, with coupons and even receive other instant savings and on your next shopping order offers and still submit for the ibotta reward!

After you have completed your purchase, you go back into the app. Select “Redeem” from the menu in the upper left, choose your store and go through the process. You snap a picture of your receipt and select the items you are redeeming and scan the barcode. If you purchased the correct item, it will tell you the offer matched and you can go on to any other items you purchased.

After you have completed your submission, ibotta will review the submission and approve it within 24 hours if all is well. After they have approved it, you will get a notice in your email and the app.

Update 9/25/13:  In certain stores, it’s even easier – just register your loyalty card or phone number, use your card or phone number at checkout, and they’ll handle the rest!

*New Improved Ibotta Program:

  • Sign up HERE if you are new to Ibotta.
  • Earn extra friend bonuses when you sign up your friends with your special link.
  • New specific retailer offers:  Your main menu will now contain special offers specific to certain stores – look under “Store Extras.”
  • New bonuses:  Your main menu will now contain time-sensitive bonus offers – earn extra cash for completing offers in the time designated – look under “Bonuses.”

How do you get your money?

You need a Paypal account to get your money and must have a minimum of $5.00 in your ibotta account before you can cash out. When you go to cash out you select “Get My Cash” or “Donate to Schools”. When cashing out to Paypal, you select Paypal, enter the amount up to your total, hit “Submit” and “Confirm” then enter your ibotta password and submit. You will get a message telling you if it went through or not. If it did, it should show in your Paypal account within minutes.

You can also take advantage of other Cash Out options, which include Gift Cards from iTunes, Redbox, Starbucks and more!

Additional Tips:

If you don’t like the offers you have available, view the individual offer and then tap the image. It will take you to an additional screen that allows you to rate the offer. A thumbs down will help you receive alternate offers faster per a reader.

Have you seen an offer noted somewhere but don’t have it in your app currently? Need/want to buy it anyway? Don’t throw away your receipt and package just yet. There are reports that you can submit receipts after the offer becomes available even if you purchased it prior to the offer being active on your app. At least one report was for a same day purchase where the item was on a receipt that was submitted for one item and the app updated with another item that was purchased on the same receipt, submitted when the app updated, approved and paid. I personally was able to go back and use a receipt from 5 days prior to claim a Digiorno offer I knew was there but didn’t have active in my app at the time of purchase but later showed up in my app.

How does ibotta work? Let me know if you have questions. I know a few people have had problems with the app not working and as far as that goes all I can have you do it email so they can help you. I can only give feedback from a user’s perspective.



    • says

      You can set up the account w/out the app, but to log in and use it you do that through the app itself. It should prompt you when you open it after download.

  1. Christina says

    Any idea where the expiration dates for offers are? I wanted to redeem the Special K offer, but it wasn’t listed on my offers anymore.

    • says

      They are usually a couple months, and they tend to cycle around. I know there’s been a lot of feedback on this and I hope they make this a couple other parts of the program a little more transparent soon.

  2. gail says

    i have put a thumbs down to about 5 items about two weeks ago and nothing new has been loaded. How do i get more loaded?? now i only have 6 items on it.

  3. says

    Do you need to redeem all of the tasks, as I don’t
    want to do anything with my Facebook account? Also, what does it mean when each task has a different task $$ amount? Do you earn the total?
    Thank you! Tammy Johnson

    • says

      You don’t, but you only unlock the money for the tasks you do.

      I have my Facebook app connection to show to “Only Me” so that it does go to FB but my friends and family don’t get flooded with them on their FB.

      • cathy says

        i used to do ibotta, took a break, and now trying again.
        i’ve clicked on an offer and it wants to post to Facebook. select audience: public, friends, or friends except acquaintances. i used to be able to post for audience “only me.” how do i do that now?

  4. Lara says

    I’ve used it for a while now, it’s nice, you can still use your coupons and still earn the money. I actually had two free coupons for Fage yogurt (the big one’s) I had an Ibotta deal available, I didn’t see it until later it the week. I found my receipt, scanned my receipt and my product and now I had a $0.50 money maker

    Tammy, yes you do earn the total for each task, so it you “learn about something” and share with Facebook, and each task as a $0.50 value totalling $1.00, you earn the $1.00.

  5. Hannah says

    How does Ibotta work with Buy one get ones? If you buy one item and submit an ibotta for that item then get another item free that ibotta has an offer for. Can you redeem an offer on the free item?

    • Jennifer K says

      I would think so Hannah. Ibotta does not care how much you have paid for something, simply that you purchased it. Let us know if it works for you!

  6. Eric says

    Can someone tell me what Android phones and/or tablets work with Ibotta? I don’t want to buy another android phone only to have it be not compatible.

    • Jennifer K says

      You choose the store you want to shop at and then see what offers are available in that store, but many offers are the same.

  7. Courtnie says

    Is there a facebook group for ibotta users in Michigan? I have found a few groups but I don’t want to have a bunch of facebook friends from random places in the country. It may be odd that I’d still be adding random ppl but at least they would be fellow Michiganders! If so can I have the link? I’d like to have a team to earn some extra savings!

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