Find Mystery Shopping Opportunities: Sign Up with Shadow Shopper!

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Sign Up with Shadow Shopper and Get Paid to Eat and Shop!

Shadow Shopper is unique in the mystery shopping industry.  They are not the company that’s shopped, a mystery shopping company or a mystery shopping scheduler.  Instead, they are an impartial and independent company, serving the best interests of the mystery shopper AND mystery shopping companies.  The best way to think of them is the middle man of mystery shopping.

Here’s how it works:

They simply, quickly and easily put shoppers and mystery shopping job schedulers together online.  Since Shadow Shopper is NOT a mystery shopping company, there is a fee for membership.  (Usually you do not have to pay to become a mystery shopper if you work for a company directly).  They offer a Bronze Membership that is free, but it is a “look before you buy” educational membership.

  • $4.95 for a 30 day Gold trial membership
  • $39.95 for a 3 month Gold membership
  • $99.95 for a 1 year Gold membership

The benefits of becoming a Shadow Shopper:

  • Instead of working for one company, you get a list of available jobs from a variety of companies.
  • You are given the job information, then you contact the company directly.
  • The company directly pays you, not Shadow Shopper.
  • You can shop on your own schedule, as much or as little as you like.
  • You can set up your preferences to be notified of only jobs you are interested in, in your area.

Try it out today and start earning money to shop!



  1. Jennifer says

    It’s easier and free to just sign up with the companies that are the actual mystery shopping companies! They have their own schedulers that will email you when jobs are available in your area if you choose to get them. I am signed up with several of the actual companies. Any mystery shopping company that you have to pay to sign up with is a scam.

    • Jennifer K says

      This company is not a scam…you can sign up directly through companies but this company just makes it easier to find them.

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