FREE Tall Brewed Coffee at Starbucks for Oklahoma Donation!

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From the Starbucks Facebook page today:  Receive a free tall brewed coffee today at participating Starbucks when you make a donation of any amount to the United Way of Central Oklahoma. Help make a difference when a difference needs to be made.

This offer is at participating Starbucks today only (Wednesday, 5/29).  You may want to take advantage of this offer and help our friends in Oklahoma at the same time!  It’s never too late for decaf ;-)!


Ten Ways to Commit a RAOK {Random Act of Kindness}

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Ways to Commit a RAOK
To me a RAOK is anything but random to. To the person on the receiving end, it’s seemingly random. To the person who commits it, there’s a conscious decision to do a good deed or to train the habit that becomes common courtesy.

Here are some easy ways to commit a RAOK to keep in mind and start to make a habit of.

Grab That Freebie – If you are not using it for yourself, donate it. Give it to a friend/neighbor in need. Leave it in a care package for someone at your church.

Leave a Penny – Or a Nickel, or a Dime or whatever. At the register, in the donation can on the counter, anywhere you can. It all adds up to changing someone’s life.

Open a Door – It’s amazing how many people don’t do this anymore. I try hard to practice this every day and even go out of my way to hold the door even when people aren’t right behind me. If I can see them coming, I hold it.

Pay for a Strangers “Something” – A coffee at Starbucks, a meal in the drive thru, a dinner at the restaurant. I’ve even heard amazing stories of people paying for orders at the grocery store or treats for kids who tell their kids no because they can’t afford it (though, I would ask permission for that one first….)

Send a Card – To a friend, former coworker, family member, check your church bulletin for the prayer list and put a card in their box. Or just a generic on to a military base thanking the soldiers.

Give a Care Package – Again, for military members this is great. Or do you have a friend with a college student that could use some extras? I also think that making up a care package to drop at a local nursing home would be a nice idea.

Pick Some Flowers – This is a good one for a teacher, coworker, group leader or family member. I have a couple varieties of flowers in my garden that make nice bouquets. If you do too, grab a couple and brighten someones day.

Stop to Help – Help that mom with kids load her groceries into the back of the mini van. Pick up the papers that dropped out of that guy’s folder while he was on the phone. Wherever the opportunity arises.

Say Thank You – It’s a phrase that I sometimes feel has become too rare. When someone does something nice for you, say thank you. It might be the only reward you can give for their kindness, but it’s enough if you mean it.

Leave a Coupon – Clipped one in the hopes the product would go on sale? Then maybe the competing brand did and you don’t need it now. Don’t throw it away, leave it on the shelf for the next customer looking at that product.

How else would you commit a RAOK?


$2.00/1 Jose’ Ole’ Coupon for You & $2.00 Children’s Miracle Network Donation from Them

*This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated when you use our links. DITM appreciates your support!

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Get a great coupon and know that you are helping at the same time!

When you click to print this $2 Off coupon, they will donate $2 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. What a great way to save and give!