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Cell Phone Plan Price Comparison

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Wondering what cell phone plan is the best? Do you find it impossible to line them up side by side even when on a mass retailer site online? 

I’ve put together the solution for you, a Cell Phone Plan Price Comparison!

But first, a few disclaimers:

  • This is for a base comparison only. Do not assume this information is complete, do not assume that these prices will be current forever. Be sure to read all terms and conditions when making your purchases.
  • All prices and numbers are accurate as of posting for ON NETWORK usage for the provider listed. Additional roaming charges may apply.
  • Prepaid services that are not a monthly service are not included at this time.
  • Not all services are offered in all areas.

After spending hours creating this cell phone plan price comparison, my suggestion for the best plan is Boost Mobile IF you are not a heavy data user. If you use a lot of data, a smartphone and lots of apps, a Sprint plan would be my suggestion. There is simply no speed guarantee on the Boost plans after you have used 2.5GB in a month.

See an offer for a free phone and don’t want to have to worry about the rebates? There are phone options at Best Buy to match and often BEAT the prices direct from the companies or your local cell phone store. Best Buy does not make you do the rebates to get the price. If it says $99.00 after $100 rebate for a phone anywhere else, you pay just $99.00 out the door at Best Buy. Start shopping here.

You can see more from each of the companies by clicking the company name:

I know these look small here, but if you click each image below, the cell phone plan price comparison document will open up larger to look at and can be printed from there as well. Do you receive public assistance? You may qualify for a free phone and free 250 minutes per month

Cell Phone Price Comparison Sheet

Cell Phone Price Comparison Sheet

We personally have had a Sprint plan for many years now and have been happy with it. We plan to continue to use them. On top of that, we are locked in at a rate plan that is $20 less than currently available because we have continued to be customers!

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