Aldi Deals 1/27-2/2/13

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Remember that Aldi does NOT accept coupons.

$0.49 Avocados each
$0.69 Baby Carrots 1#
$0.99 Baby Bella or Sliced White Mushrooms 8oz
$0.99 Grape Tomatoes 1 pint
$1.69 Blueberries 1 pint
$1.29 Mini Sweet Peppers 10oz
$2.49/# St. Louis Spareribs
$12.99 Specially Selected Main Lobster Tails (two 4oz tails)
$2.29 Clancy’s Cheese Dip 15oz
$2.99 Little Salad Bar Original Guacamole 14oz
$1.29 Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownie Mix 18.3oz
$0.65 Infuse 32oz

$2.39 Boulder Party Cups 50ct
$0.99 Boulder Valentine’s Paper Tableware
$2.99 Cozums Valentine Mug & Plush
$4.99 Cozums Valentine Plush
$3.99 Kitchen Living Baking Pans
$2.99 Choceur Individually Wrapped Chocolates 8.1-9oz
$1.99 Choceur Creme Filled Chocolate Bars 7.05oz
$2.99 Choceur Hazelnut Delights 7.05oz
$1.99 Choceur Mini Chocolate Bars 7oz
$7.99 Sundae Shoppe Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Cake 32oz




  1. AMAY says

    You should look out for their Moser Roth Chocolate Squares! There is a mint with dark chocolate that tastes like a peppermint patty – but creamier and better!! The Carmel is good too.

  2. AMAY says

    Have you tried their Moser Roth Chocolate Squares? The mint is better than a peppermint patty and the carmel one is creamy.

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